Fundación Peters IAP

La Fundación Peters IAP procura el bienestar de las familias de la Sierra Madre de Chiapas en el centro educativo de la Finca Irlanda, México.



The IAP Peters Foundation seeks the healthy development of children in the family and the welfare of all in Finca Irlanda and therefore has the task of promoting various educational and social projects.
We want to add up to the great effort that began Don Walter Peters and now Bernd Peters, protectors of biodiversity in the coffee plantation to spread a philosophy of respect for the ecosystem in which we live and to prove that you can have a friendly plantation with the flora and fauna of the region with organic farming and biodynamic.

We receive volunteers who come to this ideology and who want to share their knowledge and valuable time with the farm community.

If you are interested in a project or want to visit as a tourist , please contact us .
We also receive groups like schools that want to be closer to nature and visit the UMA (Environmental Unit) where they live whitetail deer, peacocks, birds endangered.

Products of Finca Irlanda can be purchased in different parts of the country, you may find the information on this site .


The Peters Foundation IAP work began in 1999 when the owners and the partners Finca Irlanda saw the need to safeguard the education of children of the community and to ensure services for the welfare of all.The finca Irlanda community is dedicated to coffee production high quality organic biodynamic, as the main product; besides cocoa, cardamom and honey, handles friendly crop and nature, maintaining the ecosystem stability and its preservertion over time. The farm is 60 km from the city of Tapachula at an altitude of 1,100 meters above sea level, has an average temperature of 22 degrees Celsius.

The farm is home to more than 87 different species of spiders, more than 100 ant species, 50 species of tropical trees, 200 species of tropical birds and over 800 species of plants in the state of Chiapas.

The community of the estate consists of more than 30 permanent families and others who come seasonally. Of which there are 89 children regularly attending school, from kindergarten to elementary school.

We want the farm to have a healthy development of children and their families. We therefore work in various areas such as education, health and social development. This year we have promoted the educational project by incorporating ecology, the school garden, singing, arts and computer.

In the near future we want to create a space for recreation for families where they can play sports and live healthily. Also create workshops for adults and young people of different trades for those interested.

We are also awaiting the health campaigns and currently a dentist comes to the farm to provide services at low cost.

The foundation consists of a team of nine people committed to the welfare of the community.


  • Life Education
    To achieve a comprehensive education for children in our community. We have a preschool, kindergarten and elementary school where 89 children attend, from zero to thirteen years old.
    The foundation accompanies the educational project with activities such as ecology, English, computer and rhythm. This summer we started computer workshops for youth and adults in the afternoons.
    In this matter, the Foundation has made great efforts to provide breakfast to children and maintain school.
    In the near future we would like to have more workshops for youth and adults in various fields and trades. At the same time, we want children to broaden their vision and excited about art and international issues.
  • Community Kitchen
    For several years the farm has a low cost service food for workers who require it. It provides three meals and tortillas more than 60 people.
  • Ecotourism
    La Finca features a comfortable and rustic hotel that accommodates tourists who love nature and coffee. There are also guided walks and a jeep tour around the farm including the cocoa plantation. Funds raised by tourism are intended for the Foundation for various social projects.

Also on our agenda are issues like:

  • Promote organic and biodynamic farming practices
    Publicize the benefits of making ecofriendly farming practices.
    Inviting agronomy students or to students of all schools in the region.
    Give workshops to agricultural workers interested in the subject.
  • Waste management and utilization of rainwater
    To generate an ecological waste management strategy on the farm. Separate trash recycling program. Seize and collect rainwater for domestic use on the farm.
  • Herbalist
    Use and learn about medicinal plants growing in the region.
  • Bio construction
    Harnessing the bamboo region and techniques adobe building on the farm.
  • Recreational areas and activities
    There will be a multipurpose court for the community soon. We hope to have sporting events but also seek to attract and learn artistic activities such as music, theater, dance and others.



The Foundation is looking for people who share our dreams and want to be a good example for the community of Finca Irlanda.

For now we need people with experience in the field of alternative and ecological education for kindergarten, kindergarten and elementary school.

Also people who have knowledge in any subject or profession specific as carpentry, paper mache, ceramics, painting, herbology, oils, etc to give workshops to adults and youth.

Volunteers are offered free accommodation and food in exchange for their time and knowledge. The suggested time of stay is two to four weeks and you need to speak intermediate Spanish.

May you find more information in our Work Away post.


You can send us a message to:
Sara González Herrera
Advisor to the Peters’ Foundation IAP  at Finca Irlanda
WhatsApp +52 1 7223828217